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  • Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
    200 meter sprint
    10 push ups
    5 ring dips – purple band
    5 rounds + 200 meter sprint

  • Signed up for Barbellsforboobs, I’ll be doing it at the 9am class on the 29th!
    My last grace time was like 7 min with 75#…..

  • Julie- you motivated me to sign up for Barbells for Boobs also – I’ll have to do Grace on the 28th though! I’ll be lifting for my Mom – a breast cancer survivor.

  • Just 2 dips shy of 6 rounds. Felt pretty good with this, though my “sprints” look more like slo-motion. Capped it off with 60 GHD situps.

    Jeff and I wanted to invite anyone in our Crossfit family who’s up for a get-together at our house next Friday (10/29). We figure we’ll share some drinks, play some cards and have some fun. Would probably start around 8:00 (post-WOD, of course). Let us know if you’re interested!

  • Posting this so I can reference later (with much improvement!!)
    4 rounds, knees with blue/purple.

    Still deciding between the Friday or Saturday Barbells for Boobs.
    I will be lifting for my mother in law who is fighting off breast cancer now for the second time.

  • I’m missing so much fun next weekend…boo. Toni, I would absolutely come hang out, but I’m going to New Orleans for the weekend. Have so much fun & drink one for me 🙂

    This was my first WOD using the purple band for dips & it really slowed me down. I only got 4 rounds + 6 or 8 push ups (I can’t remember).

    I love seeing that you guys have someone you’re doing Barbells for Boobs for…very inspirational! I know too well that-that kind of encouragement & support from family & friends keeps you fighting 🙂

  • 5 rounds plus 75meters(that was my estimate anyway)

    I will be doing Barbell for Boobs next Saturday at Crossfit Ft Wayne….yeehah!

  • Toni, sounds like fun. Chris and I will work on getting a sitter. What is your number so I can get directions?

  • So, I had the privilage of being the guinea pig WOD at 6am on this day 5 rounds of 12HSPU 12 Ring Dips 12 GHD sit ups and 12 24″ inch box jumps

  • For anyone interested in joining us next Friday, I’ll post a sheet at Crossfit and provide some copies of directions to our place. It’s pretty easy to find. Hope lots of you can make it!

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