3 Hand Stand Push Ups
5 Pull Ups
7 Knees to Elbows

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7 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • AMRAP 15 min
    3 HSPU
    5 Pull-ups
    7 KTE

    10 Rounds, resorted to the purple band about half way through. Another round or two and would’ve had ripped hands…

    Also made up Monday’s Back Squats

    Thanks to Will for spotting me!

  • Got to enjoy the 2pm class today….9 rounds, still working on a larger range of motion on the double-mat HSPU.
    Always a pleasure to see Meghan, we were step for step today.

  • Great WOD! I moved down to the red band for pull ups on Monday & down to 2 mats for HSPU today.

    Completed 9 rounds + 3 HSPU…wanted 10, but I’m blaming not getting it on the bloody hand 🙂

    Great work Liz, Tracy, Dean & Armando-you guys rocked this workout today!

  • 10 rounds plus 3 HSPU and 5 PU. The knees to elbows killed me. The PUs didn’t bother me and the HSPUs were a pain only b/c of my complete lack of coordination and balance. Pulling my fat legs up was just simply hard after a few rounds and 7 turned into 3+3+1 or similar. Doug kicked ass at 530.

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