9 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • Thanks for the push Matt! I hate box jumps… and double unders… and wall balls come to think of it. I’m actually pretty sure if you look up my personal Hell in the dictionary it’s this WOD. Can’t remember my time but its on the board somewhere.

  • Caught up on yesterdays 5 rds of sdlhp/pp fun.

    I had hoped for a better time, (who doesn’t??) but that McRib I had just prior to the wod hindered my chances.
    Barbeque sauce on the bar makes it way more slippery than you would think. 🙂
    I blame Matt.

  • All box jumps were jumps/didn’t step up & used 14# ball, but the DUs kept me from getting this one rx’d.

    20:40 with single unders 🙁

  • All rx’d… but I forget my time. Can’t believe I did a whole wod with double unders! And sometimes I even got more than one in a row! Sweet victory 🙂

  • 20:37 – First 50 were DU then went to SU. All box jumps (no step ups) and 14# ball. Just can’t seem to get the wall ball technique down. Doing more work than I need and it’s killing me!

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