11 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • I know what happened the last time the WOD wasn’t posted…I can only imagine what “fun” is in store for us today 🙂

  • awesome job tonight wendy, I always love working out with you!
    4 rounds
    400 m
    30 sit-ups
    15 dl 155#
    I did 2 rounds of GHD sit-ups, my time was 20:48 (maybe)

  • I did 3 rounds on the GHD and my DL was 175#….time: 26:45
    I would have quit if not for Lola…..thank you, thank you, girl- she pushed me hard!

  • I managed to do no part of the WOD rx’d except for the run 🙂

    400m run
    30 Ab Mat sit ups
    15 105# DL-probably should have done more, but I remember struggling with that for Diane…crazy how fast we progress!


  • 4 rounds
    400m run
    30 abmat situps
    15 dl 125lbs
    good workout 5:30 folks! especially those of you who did the whole thing rx’d!

  • Wendy, you are an inspiration! Way to challenge yourself.

    4 Rounds
    400m run
    30 abmat situps
    15 DL 155#

  • Due to a last-minute bar change and a miscalculation on my part, what I thought was 105# was only 95#

    4 Rounds
    400m run
    30 Ab Mat sit ups
    15 Dead Lifts (95#)
    Happy with time, but next time I must definitely take on more weight!

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