5 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • Ever since I tried muscle ups like 20 times my elbows have been jacked, so I treated today like a heavy shoulder press day 155-165-170-185-195(f) again elbow jacked, non elbow jacking prob could’ve gotten 195!!

  • SP 55-65-70F
    PP 45-55-65-70-75F
    PJ 45-55-65-70-75

    My arms feel like they weigh 100# each right now!

  • SP’s are the bane of my existence!

    SP 55-65-75F
    PP 45-55-65-75-85
    PJ 45-55-65-75-85

    Just got my fundraising site started for FGB5… so excited to be participating this year 🙂

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