AMRAP in 15 minutes of:

6 push ups

12 box jumps

18 Double Unders

post completed rounds to comments.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • AMRAP in 15 minutes of:
    6 push ups
    12 box jumps
    18 Double Unders
    7 rds with modifications to SU on last 2 rounds and step ups after first 2 rds. VERY HOT TODAY! Great job 2pm class! Julie’s husband (forgot his name, sorry) used the “Big Boy” box today!

  • That would be “Dean used the big boy box today” 🙂
    Sean was Rx’d today, as well on the new taller box. Way to go, guys.
    Did any of the girls use them tonight?

    I didn’t see my total today but I did all jumps and solid push ups but those darn DU’s…..nope, 72 single-unders all the way through.

  • 6 push ups
    12 box jumps
    72 single unders
    AMRAP 15min.

    I got 7rds + 6 box jumps

    Awesome job by the 5:30 class-especially the guys workin’ the 24″ boxes & there were some great double unders by the ladies (not including myself :))

  • Wow! Was it ever hot tonight. Great job to all the guys who used those new much taller boxes and thank you to Armando for letting me borrow your jump rope. Way to go everyone who came today and worked through all the heat!

    Total: 12 rounds

  • 8 rounds + 3 pushups… I tried double unders for the first round but it didn’t go well so I switched to single unders for the rest. All pushups on my toes.. finally!

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