For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

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14 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • “Angie” did me in today. My hands are ripped, my arms are fried, my legs are weak. 31:15, a rainbow of colors on the bands after the rips, and all but 20 push-ups on my knees. Maybe having half a bottle of wine and dessert wasn’t the best idea last night 😉 Advice for my fellow cross fitters: Show up early and tape your hands before the wod!

  • 27: something my hands look like they were put through a paper shredder. I am getting gloves MJ style, they will be glittery.

  • Wow – my forearms and shoulders are thrashed. That was tough – even though I did use bands on the pull-ups. Glad that I stayed off my knees for the push-ups though – I was determined to power through those!
    22:20 (i think)

  • Holy crap…that was hard! I went for the longest time possible to complete this one rather than the quickest.

  • Liked the WOD but my back and arms are fried! Wimped out around 25 pull ups and ended up with red band. No sure what time was … 26 something. Great 4:30 class!!

  • My first Rx’d Angie 27:?? Very happy about that!
    Here’s a tribute to Angie expressed by the Rolling Stones:

    I still love you baby
    Everywhere I look I see your eyes….(timeclock)
    There ain’t a woman that comes close to you….(fran,helen,diane etc)
    C’mon baby dry your eyes….(post-wod)
    Angie,Angie, ain’t it good to be alive
    They can’t say we never tried!!!!

  • Great job today everyone!
    Did my first prescribed Angie today. Time: 24:30
    Wore gloves tonight planning to not destroy my hands…
    Didn’t work! My fingers are all ripped up in all the places my gloves didn’t cover and I have huge blisters underneath the callouses on my hands. Oh well. I guess destroyed hands are inevitable!

  • Nice job dominating Angie Rxd today Wendy and Karen!! The purple band and I have developed quite a bond that I am just unable to break free from. I improved my time by about 30 sec, and I probably used the red band last time, so I will take progress. And I am also an unfortunate member of the mutilated hand club.

  • I think I yelped like a little girl when I washed my hands. 20:20. Did the first 30 pull ups w/no bands, but after poor form and my inability to get my chin above the bar, bands were introduced into the equation. Great job by everyone!

  • 28:06, with knee pushups. Just 3 open wounds per hand after that one. Great job everyone 🙂

  • 31:40 with purple band. Great job Rx’d girls! I’m also in the ripped hands club. Good thing my softball game got rained out. There was no way I could hold a bat, ball, etc…

  • WOD:
    For time:
    100 Pull-ups
    100 Push-ups
    100 Sit-ups
    100 Squats

    Time: 18:36
    Thank you, Armando,Matt,Marcus,Lucas for all the encouragements.

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