5 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • Rip city on this one. Blew out the right hand in round 4 and started to blow out the left in round 5. Decided discretion was the better part of valor. 4 rounds + 5 pull ups in 26:40. Red band pull ups and double unders for a round and a half.

  • Jason, i too ripped like crazy. Don’t remember my time, but got a full four rounds in and ripped both hands. Purple band for pullups today. (heres hoping sam remembers to bring me my time)

  • The work WOD took longer than expected so I did this one at home w/Jill. 24:13 Rx’d. My forearms feel like they are on fire. Just happy to finish this one.

  • Make-up…
    19:48 as rx’d

    Nat & I were fighting to get thru this one.
    i got to see her 1st DU and her 2nd and her 3rd-pretty awesome!

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