3 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • Good workout today to burn off the weekend partying that took place. 3 rds of 5 burpees, 10 KBs, 15 SU. Thanks Armando and Lucas for opening today even with the crazy snow!

  • Good work Hamilton!!!

    1st 2rounds 275#
    3rd round 300#
    4th to 10 round 305#

    With 60 sec rest in between.

  • Didn’t want to go today………..as always, glad I did. When you don’t feel like going to the gym, sometimes the best thing to do is GO TO THE GYM 🙂
    2DL at 165#
    10 rounds, 60 sec rest btwn rounds

    Followed by that frog jumpin’ ANTI-cool down thing that ruins your quads: 2- 1 minute rounds, total squat jumps w/ 45lb bar= 54

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