4 three minute rounds of:

Row 500 meters
Max double unders
Rest 3 minutes

Score total double unders.

Post total double unders to score.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • Whew…my lungs said what are you trying to do to me…16,22,8,4 = 50. Great job everyone. Armando you killed it today!

  • The double unders were a struggle today. My Buddy Lee came apart at the handle. I’m beginning to think Buddy doesn’t like me. 63, 53, 44, 49 = 209

  • I felt very indifferent about that WOD…
    43,34,43,50 = 170 Still not a beast like the one and only WodFather. One day!
    Great Job 4:30 class!

  • I had a cranky baby last night, so I worked out at home. Trying to think of something that would suck equally as bad as this WOD is tough!

    I did 5 Rounds of 21 burpees & 21 double unders…about 15ish min. My lungs were burning for a while, but I don’t think it compared to what you guys did. Great work everyone!

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