9 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • Ugh! It was rough but I made it through rx’d – 17:50.
    Great job 5AM!! It’s hard getting up that early especially on bad weather days.

  • First I’d like to say that Kim is an animal. And the 9:00 group killed it today! Thanks to Lucas for staying and letting me push through today’s WOD (I got there LATE) got through 2 rounds at rx’d hen went to 75 for the rest. Got it in 22:something. A tough one for sure but glad I did it 😉

  • I was able to get through this in 8:56. The 4:30 class looked Sharp. Everyone should be please with their performance.

  • 8:22 seemed like a really fast time. Fast enough to make me think I may have counted my rounds incorrectly. I did the WOD again Wed. morning and finished in 9:56. Going forward I’m looking for volunteers to count for me since I don’t seem to have the mental capacity to count for myself.

  • Jeff-I just told Lucas last night that I needed my own personal counter since I’m fairly certain I did an extra round yesterday & thought I had skipped a round in one of last week’s WODs. Who knew it could be so tough to count to 10!?

  • Jeff, I was right there next to you. I think you did 20 rounds!!! You are a machine on those deadlifts!!!

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