12 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • After being off too long for the holidays I barely made it through this one. However, I do have to say this was my first rx’d WOD!! 6 rounds completed, thanks to Triple C (coach Chris Crawford).
    Good Job today 5am!!

  • 8 rounds plus 11 push ups. Stupid box jumps!!!! I hate being a midget. Great job by the 5:30 and 6:30 classes!

  • 5 rounds and 9 dead lifts. Had to use 45s for the box jumps. But getting there. Did a few regular push ups then had to do Girly ones to finish. Everyone really pushed it out!! Good job 530!!

  • 7 rounds + 12 push ups. I mommied with a 85# DL & step ups… but I did do all nonbroken pushups. Must be the extra testosterone. :). Felt good after 4 days off. Good job 530

  • Jeff,

    Work = force * distance OR weight * box height (in the case of BJs), thus the smaller you are the less work you have to do. Your height has no impact on the work or the level of difficulty. This is a function of your vertical leaping ability which once again has nothing to do with height, but rather a function of your leg/glute power relative to your weight. Being smaller (at least weight wise) is an advantage in BJs and height is not a factor (unless the box is almost as high as your hips).

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