Snatch 1-1-1-1-1

Plus a mini WOD

Post loads and times to comments.

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • I haven’t had a good work out since Wednesday… I think it’s starting to get to me. Missing another good one tonight. Kim, I agree… Taking a nap after turkey is going to be epic. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze one in. Hah! 🙂

  • Did squat snatch Sunday at home and got to 155 so I’m skipping this today.
    Today marks my 1 year anniversary with crossfit so I decided to do a double baseline
    1000m row
    80 squats
    60 situps
    40 pushups
    20 pullups

    I won’t say my time but it beat my original baseline time by over a minute!!

  • Managed 135lb for the snatch.
    Also did the 15 reps:
    75lb snatch
    Double Unders
    5 rounds in 13:48
    Kyle, you have become a freakin’ beast!! Keep killin’ it.

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