8 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • Quiet morning, good workout! Hey 5am, I took one day off and you abandoned me! Come back! Thanks, MarCus, always a pleasure!
    Time: 9:12. Rx’d

  • Great workout this morning in the brisk Fall air …
    5 rounds
    7 Deadlifts. 225#
    11 wall balls
    100 m sprint
    Thanks Wendy for opening this morning …time 10:09 Rx’d
    Seems like the 5 am’ers all needed to sleep in this morning.

  • Joined the 9am crew this morning, which is always extremely humbling…they’re beasts!!!

    I subbed Double Unders for the run & I think it took me 5 minutes to do the last set…I just couldn’t get them going! Oh well, I finished but have no idea what my time was-other than really long because of the last set of DUs!

    Hoping that I don’t see you guys for the rest of the week…but probably will 🙂

  • Loved having Kristin with us this morning. I was so hoping we were going to deliver a baby crossfit style…didn’t happen. Nina and her husband Tim joined us (first time)…I think he will come back 🙂 Great job to everyone and Kim I hope your hammy gets better.
    5 rounds
    7 Deadlifts 155#
    11 wall balls 16#
    100 m sprint
    9:something Rxd

  • Couldn’t make it there today so made up a WOD: AMRAP in 30 min. Of 50 D.U. 20 sit ups, 20 lunges,15 burpees,5 HSPU,9 broad jumps. Made 5 rounds + 8 burpees. Hope to make the 5:30 tmrw! 🙂

  • I think my time was 7:34 rx’d. The 5:30 class was killing it. Doug was rockin’ it old school with the cast iron plates. Tommy managed a 7:10 with a break thrown in. Ridiculous.

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