Dare I post this Wod???……hmmmm…..do not continue to read if you don’t want to know that you will be RUNNING!!

800m run
21 shoulder press
800m run
21 push press
800m run
21 push jerk

95/65 Rx’d weight

8 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • Fun Wod in the crisp fall temperatures this morning. Time: 15:27

    Patricia visited our class this morning and kept up really well! Nice to see you today.
    Also, I think there may be some bro-mance brewing in the 5am class with a bit of “you’ve lost that loving feel in” and the Reo Speedwagon we have been hearing lately! 🙂

  • Great workout this morning Wendy! “Crisp” is being modest…my lungs may beg to differ with you. Good times, and good effort by all, including Marcus “Karma chameleon”, Chris “Do you Really Want to Hurt Me”, and Phil “I can’t fight this feeling anymore”! Looking forward to Wednesday’s Sadie Hawkins “Toto” workout! 15:58.

  • I love all the sass that’s flying around this morning. I think autumn agrees with someone’s sense of humor 😉
    Looks like that running will be a break for my already sore shoulders. Can’t wait!

  • 800m run
    21 shoulder press – 65#
    800m run
    21 push press
    800m run
    21 push jerk
    16:43 Rx’d
    That 5am group sure is fast…

  • It was great being back and seeing everyone. The 4:30 group killed it.
    I rowed 1000m instead of running 800m and did the weight rx’d. Was glad to just finish! Didn’t even look at my time.

  • 16:02 Rxd. Could I run any slower? I contest that I could not. Doug, Kyle, Laura, Drew, Tommy and everybody else at 5:30 and 6:30 killed it. To all the folks that rowed, you’re all beasts.

  • Hotel WOD just doesn’t compare. I will sure be glad when I get to spend the next week with all you guys.

  • Completed this WOD in 25:– and some change.. I can’t remember exactly. I did the 1000m row and rx’d weight. I kept telling myself I would get better at rowing, I think this may have done it. 🙂

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