9 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • As usual, was chasing Stacy 😉
    Good, but not satisfied.
    Could have done 5# better.

    Me and Drew did Annie tonight.
    It was nice.
    Time was a few minutes longer than last time. Oh well.

  • Max weight for clean and jerk 130#
    also did yesterdays WOD with Kristin, mark, and bridget. Lots of fun working out with you three!! 8:10 rx’d on that one. Great job to everyone today!

  • Didn’t push the C&Js so I ended up at 115#

    Thanks to Chrissy Mark &Bridget I didn’t have to go at yesterday’s WOD alone…even though I don’t know if anyone really wanted to do it 🙂

    My time was right after Chrissy so 815/820ish with 65# OHS & more like belly to ground push ups.

    Yesterday work kept me away & I am such a happier person after having some CFNKY in my life tonight!!

    P.S. Kim-you are a huge inspiration to me & I can’t wait to see you crush some people in Cali-games style!!

  • My cleans got into my head tonight and I just couldn’t get the bar up. #125 on the Clean and Jerk, which is a Jerk PR.
    In order to re-teach myself cleans, I did a mini of 3 rounds 5 clean and jerk (95) 200 m run.
    Great job today all!

  • Great job everyone!!

    I match my previous Squat Clean and Jerk with 265lbs…and I had a PR with a 270lbs Squat Clean!!!

  • outta shape from my croissant and nutella crepe diet! anyway, felt good to be back…. I deserve all of the pain i am feeling. Glad to see all the smiling faces 🙂

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