10 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • Three rounds of:
    500 meter Row
    21 Burpees
    400 meter Run

    Team Stephanie and Natalie 24:57
    Nice to see some North Carolina Crossfiters stop in this morning for a WOD!

  • Ugh this looks like a good one!! I have my friends little one all night so I have to skip today:( have fun!! see you all tomorrow!!

  • 24:07…. It’s been a while since I’ve worked out with the 5:30 group. Good job guys!

  • Teamed with Evan for the 630 class. Good work on this one! Much needed after a long, horrible 2 days at work. 3 more days to go until 2+ weeks off!!


  • I slowed Armando to a 19:35, I think he was done when I had 11 burpees left (I ended w/ burpees). So Armando really had a sub 19:20, but I couldn’t keep up.

  • Thanks to Wendy for helping me adjust the resistance, getting my feet secured and getting my ass back on the seat. Oh, and she brought me water to drink as well. Hell, she might as well of rowed for me too. Also thanks to Armando for the coaching. Despite the hiccups, I finished in 18:23.

  • hahaa…way to finish strong, Jeff! I hope you subtracted the :30 seconds it took you to actually get started!
    Killer- 20:18-
    Brian and I made our own class time today- it worked well and he and I were pretty tight thru the whole thing.

  • I had a lot of fun with this wod…I really need to work with my running.
    Mark you didn’t slow me down a bit as a team we finish at 19:35…I finish my last run at 19:00!

    C-ya guys tomorrow for another fun wod!

  • I got to partner with Rachel for this one – aren’t you so glad you stayed and stuck it out? This sure was a gasser. I think we finished around 24:27. I sure am proud of Maddie – that had to be so tough doing all row, instead of running. Jill did fantastic at 6:30 too! (Mama so proud…)

  • Worked on my own for this one, 28:2? Glad to be able to still do all this stuff. Not sure if it’s the burpees or the rowing that fries my pregnant belly but I’m feeling like we did 1000 situps!

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