10 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • 3 rounds for time of:
    Run 400 meters
    30 Overhead squats 55#
    21 Pull-ups
    25:48 Rxd
    Nice to be outside today!

  • Modified travel WOD at the Craftsmann Inn, Fayetteville, NY

    For time:
    800 meter run
    30 push press with dumbells
    800 meter run
    20 push press
    800 meter run
    10 push press


    Cannot wait to get back to CrossfitNKY!

  • 20:30 with that “throw up in my mouth” feeling

    Did someone at 5:30 accidentally take home an orange/clear Polar Bottle? Mark couldn’t find his when we left… if you did, can you please bring it back 🙂 otherwise he’ll try to steal mine.

  • 19:31 – I crushed the first round in just over 4 minutes (squats/pu unbroken), but I’ve seen 90 year olds with walkers post better 400m times than I did on other runs (and I had to break the squats/pu).

  • I didn’t change the name, I beat my wife in a cardio work-out 🙂 (granted, I made up time with my squats)

  • One of the kids asked me if it was my water bottle as we finished the 630 Wod, so I know it is still there.
    My time was 20:32….I felt good……was also trying to keep up with our remarkably athletic 12 year old neighbor girl who ended up beating me by a few seconds 😉

  • This was my first DNF wod 🙁 Thanks to Wendy for coaching me through the last squats, and sorry to everyone for having a melt-down. Great job 6:30!

  • I think this was the first time since last summer that my arms were sweaty in a WOD…yuck!

    This took me forever. Correction, the runs took me forever…ohs & PUs, weren’t that bad. 27:02 rxd.

    Great work by the 530 class 🙂

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