6 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • 11.6 is here

    7 min AMRAP of:
    – 3 Thrusters (100/65) and 3 Chest-to-bar pull-ups
    – 6 T and 6 C2B
    – 9 and 9
    – etc until the 7 minutes are up

    I really wish they’d up the poundage, say 185ish.

  • This one took me forever…21:?? I think this is my last WOD with wall climbs for a while 🙂

    There were some great times up on the white board today…great work everyone!

    Megan great work getting your first pull ups today!!

  • Wall crawls (barely), plate jump (on then over) and KTE. Totally modified, and like Kristin, this one took me forever!!!! Nice work everyone!
    I may have to miss tomorrows surprise WOD, IF my wonderful son decides to spend his birthday with me. At least for a little while (she said hopefully). Have fun everyone!

  • Thanks Kristin! It was a good one and everyone did an awesome job. My time was terrible, but I finished. 😉 Definitely a good one.

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