January was the after holiday party, Feb was Peak Performance,
March the Madness, and now the April event is coming together….stay tuned and in the meantime, don’t forget to do your 65 burpees today.



Three rounds of:

400 meters with plate 45/25

30 Overhead Walking lunges

20 Plate Sit ups

10 Plate Front Squats

*If you set plate down at anytime the penalty is 5 Burpees.

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12 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • Man! This looks like a good one and I have to miss it. Have to take my little man to Kindergarten registration.

  • Three rounds of:
    400 meters with plate 25
    30 Overhead Walking lunges
    20 Plate Sit ups
    10 Plate Front Squats

    16:00 – The run was really awkward with the plate but I liked this WOD. Great AM class!

  • A few minutes shy of a day. I need to have my head examined for wearing a weight vest with this one (31#). Sorry I talked you into it Jeff. That being said, I’m looking forward to killing myself a few more times this week.

  • Boy, this was a good one! Lots of energy tonight at 4:30 and 5:30 (and I’m sure 6:30 coming in behind us). I came in at 16:30-something, not sure. The lunges were clearly the hardest for me. No penalty burpees during the wod, but I completed the “mini-wod” of 65 burpees when I got home. Yes, it is now classified as a mini-wod in my mind 🙂

  • This took me forever which doesn’t surprise me considering my lack of running skills. 21ish was my time with zero burpees rxd.

    Toni I’m pretty sure 65 burpees is more than a mini WOD! Proud of all of you crazies who are still in the challenge 🙂

  • I think this may be my favorite…wait, I need to have my head checked. Good job and great energy tonight everybody! Lunges were much harder than I imagined and this “may be” (not totally sure) first WOD completed at Rx’d!

  • I bit off more than I could chew tonight. The 30 lb weight vest just about killed my neck. Had to shed it for the last round. Mark is the Devil. 🙂 I think my time was just over 20 minutes. I think that’s what I saw before I blacked out. When I came to I had to knock out 65 burpees.

  • I really like this WOD too! It was completely awkward & attempting lunges after running with that plate about killed me, but Rx’d & came in @ 16 something & felt pretty good! Great 5:30 class…Mark & Jeff – you guys are beasts!!!

  • I was so glad I completed my burpee mini-wod before this one! Finished just over 24 min with 25 pound plate (no extra burpees for me thank you). Just could not get those lunges down holding that thing over my head. Next time! Great job everyone, especially you crazies wearing the vest!

  • I am not sure which is more sore, my legs or the back of my head. I noticed my head hurt when I was washing my hair this AM. At first I couldn’t figure out why, but then I remembered running around with that plate bouncing against it. I guess my head isn’t as hard as people think.

    I noticed that Kristin is in for the “April Agony” idea. I just want to say that Lucas is the Captain of the ship, I’m just the dumbass requesting torture.

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