8 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • I subbed some for this wod

    6 regular push-ups
    6 kipping pull-ups w purple band
    9 walking lunges

    2 lunges shy of 10 rounds

  • AMRAP in 15 minutes of:
    3 Handstand Push Ups (1 ab mat)
    6 L Pull Ups
    9 Walking Lunges
    9 rds + 6 LPU
    Great morning!

  • 13 rounds plus 3 L pull ups. The pull ups were a bit slow for me. Got home and knocked out the burpees. It’s like doing 2 wods a day now.

  • Happy Birthday Susan!!

    11 rounds plus 2 L pull ups (not really L pull ups there was quite a bit of kip).

  • Did this one on Wednesday. got to 12 rounds plus HSPU. did the lunges with 45# plate….nothint like pushing yourself!!!

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