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  • OK – so I’ve been reading some stuff on the Crossfit main site with respect to this partnership with Reebok… I watched the video, and read some comments people have posted. In my gut, it just worries me that this will be the deterioration of Crossfit as we know it. I hope (and trust) that we here at Crossfit NKy can and will keep the original philosophy and community spirit in tact, preserving all the things that we love about it – what makes it unique and special. Let the rest go mainstream…

  • Man, I wish Crossfit would get in bed with Adidas. Can you imagine all the sweet deals they would have at the Turfway tent sale THEN!! zOMG. 🙂

  • Toni, I know what you mean. I think its because Crossfit is our little baby, no one wants to see it be swallowed up by a major corporation. Its like finding a band you really love and then hearing a song of theirs on the radio, its depressing because everyone now knows about them, but youre happy for them because their finally getting their dues.

  • I think the ship has sailed with regards to Crossfit going mainstream. However I think the direction of our gym is very good. We as memebers can guard ourselves from the commercialized garbage that is sure to come and keep that original philosophy alive. That same philosophy that caused us all to quit the globo gyms and join NKy Crossfit. And do you think Lucas is going to let some Reebok shlub tell him how to run his gym? no way! 🙂

  • Lynne was a back breaker (seriously)

    Pull ups 47, 30, 30, 31, 30
    Bench 185# 10, 7, 6, 5, 6

    Thanks Lucas for getting those rubber mats. If not U would be cleaning up mass blood from my head.

  • Pull Ups 49 total, but don’t remember the rounds (most was 11, I think)
    Bench 75# 47 total, but again don’t remember rounds…most being 10.

    Thanks Meg 🙂

    Alex-hope you’re good!

  • Weak on the WOD today.

    Pull ups 20, 15,15,15,15
    Bench @175 for 8’s all the way across

    finished with 3 rounds of 30 DUs and 10 GHDs and 500m row.

  • “Lynn” (65#)
    BENCH PRESS (full rom): 12,14,13,10,10 (59)
    PULL-UPS (all chin above bar): 18,17,15,14,11 (75)
    TOTAL: 134 (pr by 29)

  • “Lynn” (215#)
    Bench press : 20 (w/205…My Boone county HS math sucks), 12, 8,7,7 – @ 215(54)
    Pullups: 20, 10, 12, 10, 10 (62)

    Loved this workout!!

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