14 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • “Cindy”
    15 rds rxd
    Great to see everyone make it in this morning! Also a short testimony of improvement…when I did “Cindy” in March it was 15 rds + pushups + 3 squats with the RED band. See how far I’ve come! Thanks Crossfit.

  • Wendy is a machine! In March I did Cindy with the red band and half assisted push-ups @ 17 rounds….today got 16 rounds +4pull-ups, more than half the rounds were unassisted, rest with purple band to prevent my hands ripping, all my own push-ups.

  • Wow! You ladies are serious; great work Stacey & Wendy! I don’t have a testamony, as this is my first Cindy but maybe I’ll have one next time for ya!

    12+4 pull ups rx’d!

    Thanks Coach Lucas for allowing the gangster rap during the 630. I’m sure I would have only gotten 10 rounds without it 🙂

  • Great job ladies!!!!!awesome progress from you all!!!!!!
    I did better than I thought…I got a PR and everything ☺!!!!
    24 + pull-ups PR by 2rnds.

  • 15 + pulls + push
    PR by 2 rnds BUT i must declare my squats were SHIT!

    this is a good reminder that if you really want to best your best crossfitter, do it RIGHT! no matter what the rounds or number or time or whatever. make yourself be accountable for every move you make…i’ll be working on this!

  • 18 rds.

    Not a stellar effort and certainly not a PR, but it is a 3 round improvement over the last attempt.

  • I’m in the same boat as Wendy. First time i did this in August it was a 10 minute test and i only got 8 rounds out. Today i got 18 + pull ups. Like Chris definitely not a Jeff or Armando performance (22 and 24 r u kidding?!! that is outstanding) but I’m improving so i’m happy!!

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