9 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • Shoulder press

    mini wod: 3:47

    I’m excited to say I finally did kipping pull-ups tonight!! I only was able to string 2 together before failing but at least I got it finally! What a rush, can’t wait to get back on the bar and get after it again 🙂

  • 45-55-65-70-75F 5# more than 3 wks ago 🙂

    The mini WOD took me almost 8 min or something crazy b/c I actually did DUs…yah!

    Congrats Nikki-thats so exciting! I’m waiting for the day 🙂

  • Fun to be at the 9am today….shoulder presses and I still don’t get along. I’m going to work on my HSPU and see if that helps! Good traffic thru the gym tonight- TUFkids started, got a great group this time around!

  • 135/155/175/180/185 (couldn’t quite get 185).

    5 something on the mini with prescribed weight. DUs are my nemesis.

  • 45-55-60-65-70F
    Mini Wod 4:42 no DU..that is a 6 month goal…first need to stop jumping rope like an elephant!

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