13 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • 15 SDHP
    15 Push Press

    Rx’d 65# 18:19

    I ventured to the 6am class this morning & reminded myself why I don’t do that very often…here are a few of those reasons:

    6. Waking up at 5am cuts into my beauty sleep.
    5. I feel like I’m drunk while driving to the gym because I’m not awake yet & I’m a bad driver to start with, so it’s a bad combo.
    4. The 400m run in the dark makes me feel like I’m going to fall on my face, get mugged by the drunk guy who sits on the corner, or step in puke from someone in the 6:30 class from the night before.
    3. The WOD isn’t online OR on the whiteboard when you come in & I haven’t had time to mentally prepare myself yet.
    2. There are no times/weights for me to compare myself to in order to set a goal/decide how much weight to use so, I have to evaluate myself with a blank slate which is harder than I thought.
    The number 1 reason I try to avoid the 6am class is that in order to avoid traffic going home at 7am I take 275 instead of 71/75 & I always end up get lost on the way home when I do that (just moved recently) 🙂

  • 5 Rounds of 15 SDHP & 15 PP 65#
    I felt so strong today! My legs were shaky from yesterday’s wod but trying to keep pace with Armondo and get 10 unbroken reps out each time b/f allowing a break seemed to help!!

    Rx’d 9:13 ish

  • Ahhh…the old I don’t have time to mentally prepare myself / uh-oh what’s it going to be today feeling! We’ve all been there right?
    Especially the 6am’ers. Targets for the day sometimes 🙂

    If nothing else, Crossfit helps you train not only physically for the unknown or unknowable, but mentally as well. Who knows when you might be asked to assist an elderly individual with getting a heavy load of groceries into their car or scale a tree to save the neighbors cat from certain doom.

    Good job today Kristin. PR’s can be accomplished in many different ways right? It doesn’t have to be just because you went sub 4 minutes on Fran. 😉

  • Moses I have the ole did nothing for a week in Canada but fished syndrome. So anytime an accelerated heartbeat comes into play I’m pretty much a drop it and grab the knees while i hear a dissapointed Lucas screaming “come on matt!!” 13:35 rx’d. Gotta get over my Canadian flu.

  • Kristin you are funny lady!!! However I totally know what you mean….. I was at 430 today and I got to work out with my long lost WOD buddy Emily!
    Rxd 9:32

    who is going to the Clydesdale games with us ?!?!

  • Rx’d 17:36. ouch.

    Wish I could come to the Clydesdale Games… silly college reunion weekend getting in the way! 🙂

  • RX’D 6:12 (faster than Armando w/o cool sunglasses)

    Now if I can figure out how to beat him at the other 200 plus movements he smokes me on! Great WOD…. none of that dumb running, jumping, and pulling stuff.

  • Rx’d 8:05….and yes for all those keeping score that is better than Armando (which is always my goal). That is going on the resume!!!

  • Did this one at home last night. My time stinks, but would have been ok with that except had to drop from 65# after first 2.5 rounds down to 55#. Next time!!

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