This Saturday’s FREE workout (8/28) will be held at CrossFit On The River in Lawrenceburg Indiana at 11:00 am.

CrossFit On The River- 1 Shurlite Dr. Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

Also Please check your Face Book Accounts for an invitation to Fight Gone Bad after Party September 25th.  Payment due by Sept 15th.


7 rounds of:
7 knees to elbows
7 Push Jerks

post time to comments.

10 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • Great group at 9am!

    7 Rounds:
    7 KTE
    7 Push-jerks

    8:03, 80#

    Some of my jerks were more like presses, form got sloppier near the end. It was pointed out that we’re moving thousands of pounds in these wods, for me it was 3,920#!! I love it 🙂

  • Performed this WOD at home today.
    7 rounds of:
    7 knees to elbows
    7 Push Jerks (65# to start, but dropped to 55# after 2nd round)
    Happy with time, but still feel like such a weakling. Oh well, have to start somewhere!!! 🙂

  • 7 KTE
    7 Push/Split Jerks 75#

    Time 13:58

    My time was awful, but 75# was definitely a challenge for me-so I’m happy with that I guess!

    Thanks to Nikki for chasing my runaway bar a few times 🙂

  • 155 lbs prescribed after a week of Canada idleness 15:22 and heartburn. Oh the heartburn. I also have spittle still on my face from Armando yelling as I was holding the puke back. So all in all good day back.

  • I had a short run (by short I mean 2 maybe 3 reps) at rxd. That certainly was not happening so I did the remainder of the WOD with 95#. 17 something….. thanks for all encouragement guys!

  • No problem Kristin!!

    A jacked up shoulder prevented me from finishing this one 🙁 so Lucas had me do the following x 2 rounds:
    Sprint to end of drive, 25 kb swings 35#
    Sprint, 25 box jumps
    Sprint, 25 squats
    Sprint, 25 push ups
    Forgot to ask Lucas what my time was!

  • 5 am class…
    First time…7 rounds of 7 knees to elbows & 7 push jerks 55#
    Toni was glad to see your post…not alone & made me feel better!
    Survived it but arms were dead & driving hm/washing the hair was interesting!
    Time: 10:50 (I think)

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