9 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • Thanks for all the birthday wishes from my fam at CFNKY, I love you guys!! I am going to be celebrating my 22 year on this earth tonight at Cabana Bar on the river. It is on River road in Saylor park, I hope to see you all there if you can make it!!!

    I could not imagine a better way of starting my birthday than with a great WOD and people at the 9 am.
    75 clean/thruster (painful combo)
    and of course my best friend the purple band…. I tried to get chest to bar on all of the pullups since I was using the band but… I dont remember my time.

  • Happy birthday Lola! Have fun tonight & I’ll see you for birthday burpees tomorrow 🙂

    5-65# squat clean thrusters
    10-More like bar to neck pull-ups & the blue band

  • Happy Birthday Lola!
    Great job Kristin!
    5 – 55# squat clean thrusters, 10 “christmas” chest almost to bar X 5

  • 5 rounds
    5 – 75# squat clean thrusters
    10 – pullups purple band..some were chest to bar and some were chin to bar.


    Happy B-Day Lola!

  • 65# for the squat clean thrusters
    red/purple for pull ups

    Not sure of my time…this was a very hard workout for me…thrusters got the best of me mentally and physically. Nice new torn hands 🙁

  • Happy belated B-day Lola!!

    5-75# squat clean thruster
    10-pull ups

    5 rounds

    Tried 95# and it was too much so I went with 75#, wish I would have done 85#. Next time!! 🙂

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