9 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • AMRAP 20mins
    5 Push-ups
    10 Lunges
    15 Sit-ups

    19 rounds + 5push-ups. I can barely go up and down the stairs after yesterdays squats and the lunges today, DOMs didn’t wait a day to set in!

  • 17 rounds plus pushups,lunges, 11 situps—it was the situps that got me on this wod.
    Let’s see some totals here:
    90 pushups, 180 lunges, 266 situps- not bad for 20 minutes worth of work 🙂

  • 25 rounds plus pushups, lunges, 12 situps- GET SOME!!!!

    130 pushups, 260 lunges, 387 situps- OH YEAH BABY!!!

  • I did a WOD on my own today before I hit the road. I will have to do this one tomorrow.
    21-15-9 of Bupees and situps. 6:something.

  • I set my goal at 16 on this one & came up just short…15 +10 lunges. I felt like I never stopped doing situps!

    The small win was I did 13 rounds of push ups on my toes-more than I’ve ever done in any WOD!

  • Thank you Coach Lucas, I can no longer walk up stairs or sit in a chair due to a very raw area on my “lower” back.
    14 rounds + 13 situps

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