5 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • “Helton”
    41:43 25# DB
    Wow that was crazy!! Great job Michelle for pushing through to the end.

    • Stacy almost scared me out of it, but I got through it. 38:something, 15 lbs for squats. And that hurt.

  • 58:02

    1st time I ALMOST quit a WOD! But then the Rocky song “Eye of the Tiger” kept playing in my head.

  • Just for the record. I did do a WOD today and finished it in 31:??, however it was a modified “Helton”. I did not do it RX’d. I did squats without weight. I dont want anyone to think I crushed it like that, because I didnt! Just for the record. forgot to write modified on the board. I hope it pushed you all though!

  • Some people were asking me how does this one compare to the lumberjack 20 well here is my opinion on the two.

    Lumberjack 20 seems to work more on your core and more muscles groups as to where this one seems to be mostly about your legs. Lumberjack 20 I think I was more worn out starting out because of the 275lb 20x deadlift as to where the first part is a run and then squat cleans. If I had to do either again I think I would rather do this one again because after doing lumberjack 20 I was so sore I could hardly do anything the next day.

    My time was around 45 something I tried to use 50lbs all the way but the last set I switched to 45lbs.

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