Deadlifts 5-4-3-2-2

Metcom posted on the whiteboard.

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13 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • Deadlifts
    185-195-205-215-225 x 1
    Wasn’t feeling those today. However improved my “Helen” time by 1:20!

  • Deadlifts
    Helen: 10:00
    Tried to keep up with Armando as much as I could but he’s a beast!

    • Thanks Alex! But you are the real BEAST!!!…you are been doing Crossfit and you have a Helen time of 10 min flat…you are going to catch me and pass me in no time bro!!! Keep working hard!!!!!!!!

  • DL
    245/2(thought i was doing 250-which was the goal-doh!)
    250/2-PR for me

    I am accepting the fact that the first pull “feels” the heaviest.-and to push past how it “feels” and go for my set goals…if i fail…I fail…

    10:09 Helen.trying to catch the guys….LOL!
    Good job Kim-you amaze me with the weight you throw around.

  • Work with Alex on DL…same weights as him.
    Helen was much better today than the last time that we did it in July 11 (hottest day last year)…time 8:50 PR

  • I did real good on the deadlifts. Got 305 twice. Not so good with Helen. 24:40, had some pretty severe back pain during the last 400m. Running tightens up my lower back something fierce!

  • 325×4. Wasn’t feeling it. I am no badass like Jeff the WODFATHER.

    10:07 on “Helen”. Maybe if I saw the time I would have shaved off those 7sec and not taken that little break before pull-ups 😀
    Thanks for breathing down my neck on that WOD Jeff. Wasn’t gonna let you pass me haha
    Great job to the 4:30 and 5:30 crew. Kicked butt!

  • The deadlifts are progressing well. I feel a 400# lift in the near future. I was trying to beat Sean, had him by 3 pull ups on the last round until he pulled a Linda Ronstadt on me, “blew by you” and ended up beating me by over 15 seconds. Your a pull up machine brother. Great job by everyone tonight. Lets keep it rolling!

  • First time doing Helen Wow what a workout That kettle bettle swing kicked my but. I only got a time of 16:51 week 2 of crossfit.

    Dead Lift 275.

  • 115-145-165-195-215(x1) new PR, again. Excited almost got as much as Stacy!
    14:45. still not as fan of running. All the kettlebell swings unbroken. YAY!

  • Great energy going for the 6:30 last night. FANTASTIC working with Laura and Peggy on the DL. Congrat’s on the PR Laura.

    DL up to 2 X 75, just was not feeling any more than that. Helen was a beast for me, almost a full minute more than last time and I only gained one color on the band and unbroken KB. But my knees held out for all three runs! until today…

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