5 thoughts on “Thursday

  • My WOD
    50 squats
    25 KTE
    50m lunges
    50 situps
    50 KB swings #53
    25-4 count flutterkicks
    50 squats

    Bday burpees 40

  • Be sure to check for updates under the header “CNKY News” – I date it when it is updated so you’ll know—Right now, I am looking for some testimonials—email me at wwalters64@yahoo.com or tell me your story—-many of you are “transforming” at UF, can you put it into words?

  • Did the FGB WOD, 70lbs on the lifts, 14lb on the wall balls. I think my count was mixed up with someone else’s before the end, but the number is 223.

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