5 thoughts on “Thursday

  • “Cindy was a Nice Girl” – I kinda like this one better (only 10m AMRAP)

    – 4 complete rounds thanks to Coach Kim’s 30 second announcement (squeezed in 15 front squats in that time – hacked up lung afterwards).

    Tommy and Doug – I expect at least 5 rounds from the both of you.

  • Amen, Jeff…very tough!

    2 rounds+1 front squat with mods on almost everything, but it sure does feel good to lay on the ground gasping for air when it’s over!

  • 3 rnds + 3 ctb – 143. Thanks for the vote of confidence Mark. Only wish I was in the same league as Tommy, who got 191!! BTW nice job with your 4 rnds. And I see you crushed the rowing wod yesterday. I darn near sent me into cardiac arrest…

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