Rest day/make up day/skill day

Come on in to practice, hang out, or work on something you suck at- if there is something you really despise doing (running, du’s, thrusters) then skill day is your day to practice THAT!

10 thoughts on “Thursday

  • Its 5 am somewhere ….what a workout did yesterdays WOD 800 m run – 9 OHS 95# – 9 Burpee Box jumps – 400 m run – 15 OHS 95# – 15 Burpee box jumps – 200 m run – 21 OHS 95# – 21 Burpee Box Jumps …thanks Wendy for opening the Box I missed Liz and Phil ….thats great news Adam D. see you tomorrow. I heard that Drew had to take a knee after this made me feel better about my Performance Time: 22:06.

  • Feeling the burn after yesterday’s WOD…26:08 65# OHS, 20 inch box.
    Quote from the day: “Evan, this killed your birthday WOD.” 🙂

  • 5X5 (95, 145, 155, 165, 175) Push press
    Angie: 24 minutes. Still find this Kentucky heat a killer at the end of workouts.

  • Did my own little workout today: 50 burpees, 50 sit-ups, 50 squats, 50 jumping jacks, 50 push-ups. I timed it with a digital clock in front of me, so I don’t have an exact time, but it was around 12 minutes or so. I was just too lazy to go up to the box today. 😛

  • Thanks Lucas for the ‘special’ WOD for me today!

    Baby Isabel
    30 65# Hang Snatches

    However, the highlight of the day was definitely human planking with Megan & watching Rachel plank random objects like a skateboard 🙂

    Tried the mini WOD, but just wasn’t a good combo of movements for me so decided not to push my luck.

    So happy tomorrow is Friday!!!

  • When all else fails, do BASELINE!!!
    6:21 RX.
    Should have got 5:00 or under according to Lucas, but hurting bad from yesterday so whatever. Last time was 6:42 with bands and knee push ups.
    Human planked with Megan and Kristin and had a blast.
    Then did some power cleans for fun and got a 130# PR.
    Don’t be too impressed, it’s only a 5# increase.
    Thanks for making me love you again CrossFit.

  • Today was just awesome. I did not rx on yesterdays wod or finish in record time (19:36 was my time I think) but my ohs are still a work in progress. Kristin and Rachel … that was awesome and so much fun. I cant wait to see pics!

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