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  • If it is a WOD in honor of Kim L, I am assuming that it will be beyond Hero brutal. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten so much at lunch.

    Happy Birthday Kim! You are turning 25, right? (for the love of burpees, I hope I’m close to correct)

  • Happy Birthday Kim!!! Were you trying to kill us today, or what??? Just teasing, although it was brutal! You are a machine to have finished in 27 min.!! Hope you’re having a wonderful day!! 🙂

  • Today was a mish-mash of WODs for me today! I wasn’t brave enough to tackle Kim’s bday WOD, but am envious of those who did!

    I did the following:
    3 rounds
    15 Med Ball cleans #14
    15 KB swings 35#
    4:55-thanks for letting me jump in Paul 🙂

    Then I did what was supposed to be 3 rounds of:
    20 lateral jumps over the punching bag
    20 wall balls
    I decided to do 5 rounds instead & finished around 13 minutes, I think.

    I’m out of town until Tuesday so have a great weekend everyone!

  • I did 3 rounds of 50 pull ups and 100 sit ups. 23:Something
    I will have to make up Kim’s WOD whenever possible. Great job to this who did it!

  • I finished a few seconds short of a decade, seriously. This should be a regular workout and maybe it could be in honor of Kim making it to CA. Of course by regular, I mean we do it once every 3 months or so (what I like best about CF).

  • 32 something… Kim you are amazing!!! I just can’t fathom doing that workout in 5 minutes less than I did it yesterday, like you did. Congrats! Happy Birthday!

  • Kim, look at all the love you are getting from your crossfit family! Everyone just continues to dish out the pain on each other around there…..and today was your day. You created a good one!

    Lots of issues with me today so I completed (without a running clock):

    3 rounds:
    400 m run
    20 105# DL (wish that were my BW 🙂
    20 24# Box jumps (never looking back to the shorter box)
    20 Wall Balls
    13 Burpees

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