10 thoughts on “Thursday

  • This was a tough one, but finished rx’d in 18:26.

    It’s been nice hanging with Kyle & Melissa this week @ 4:30!

    And finally, KICK SOME ASS TOMORROW @ REGIONALS, CFNKY 🙂 So proud of you guys for making it this far…now give it all you’ve got!!!

  • Loved this one minus the Burpees.

    14:18 rxd with the exception of letting go of the bar between some of the bear complex reps.

    Good luck in Columbus!!

    I should be up Saturday morning to root you all on. GO NKY!!!

  • Great job Evan and Doug! This was tough, but I made it through with 65 so I am happy! Running after was a challenge.

  • For a workout named after me, it really kicked my butt but thanks to the 6am class for motivating me! Good luck at regionals everyone!

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