4 thoughts on “Thursday

  • So Jeff got his luggage – yay, Buddy Lee made it to keep him company! I just hung up the phone w/him and he misses everyone (already). Said he was off to get in a WOD (it’s 7:40 AM Friday morning for him), and Armando had just texted him with one that I think he’s going to do.

    As for me, I did my burpees. So the rest of the day is, well, REST! See you all tomorrow 🙂

  • 11 burpees and 50 double unders – 3 rounds for time. 6:33. Buddy Lee wasn’t feeling it. I think he was suffering from jet lag. It was nice to do this WOD out by the pool. That’s the only good thing about being here. Also did 40 pull ups, some dead lifts, some cleans and some push press’. Ended with a quick 500M row.

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