4 thoughts on “Thursday

  • Made up the Running Fran wod. Time 19:13 with purple band and 65# thrusters done 15-15-15. Burned 4 minutes on the last round of 15 pull-ups, had to do them almost one-by-one and resorted to the red band for the last 6.

  • Made up running Fran in 24:?? Black band for pu and 65# thrusters. Broke it up to 10/10 10/10, 1/2 mile, 10/10 15/15, 1/2 mile. Made it through!

  • Running Fran
    Time 13:34
    By the 1st 2min I finish the Thruster, by the 5min I finish with the pull-ups and it took me 7:30 to run the mile (the real mile)

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