Team WOD

Beautiful day with lots of lookers as we took the wod outside.

The wod included:

4 teams of two:

Laura/Chuck       daughter/father

Emily/Alicia          sisters

Greg/Sarah            father/daughter

Armando/Wendy    cousins

5 stations:

squats/sprints                       lunges/kb swings

row/jump rope                   box jumps/push ups

flying burpees/situps

2 thoughts on “Team WOD

  • A fun way to wake up this Saturday morning- lots of energy in the air.
    Thanks to Laura for your two referrals today-Crossfit is catching on and there’s no better explanation than –“just come with me, I’ll SHOW you what Crossfit is”

  • That is right Wendy…it was a great WOD…Saturday is becoming the most fun WOD of the week…great jod everybody today…and thanks to Alicia for the hair cut.

    Warmp up
    Clean squat 3×3
    Fail the last one…I clean it but I couldn’t stand up…close to 250#…RX’D King Kong here I come!!!!

    AMRAP in 1 min of:
    squats 50/sprints 4 (40m)
    row 20 cal (D/6)/jump rope ?
    flying burpees 14/situps 29
    lunges 25/kb swings 30 (2 pood)
    box jumps 35/push ups 40

    P.S. For all does UF crossfitter that like boxing…today I’m going to have the Cotto/Paquiao fight @ my house…everybody is invited…if u r interested give me a call to my cel 859-486-7942 for direction…Cotto Cotto Cotto!!!!!!

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