Saturday Bring A Friend

What a fantastic turnout today for another Saturday “Bring a Friend” day.

Two teams of 6 going through the circuits for 2 rounds—21 and 9

Row 21/9 calories

Med ball cleans 21/9

Thrusters 21/9

Burpees 21/9

SDHP 21/9

Wall balls 21/9

We had a fun time and got a great workout in!  Congrats everybody!

Pictures to be posted soon-

4 thoughts on “Saturday Bring A Friend

  • The group WOD was super fun…I don’t know the time that my team took to finish the WOD…after the group WOD I worked in my deadlift and I finally reached my goal!!!

    DL WOD

    Yesssss Baby 505 dealift!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Congrats Armando! That’s a whole lot a lift’n!
    I think the membership to the 1000#+ CFT club may be growing by one in the near future.

  • Great job Armando! It was first day WOD and it kicked my a**. I look forward to getting back into shape and joining underground fitness nky

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