10-11am  TufKids

11am- Bring a friend wod

Noon- Crossfitters only wod

Crossfit Total last night was excellent. Many of you got to see people you had never met or had not seen in quite some time.  I heard good conversation with our onlookers and believe me, we appreciate your support as we attempt each and every lift.

That being said………..the lifts were incredible!  EVERYONE is making great strides.  We are a MUCH STRONGER group than ever before.  Lucas and I recognize the need for more bars and weights- now that y’all have proved your strength- we’re gonna purchase those necessary items! Watch for new equipment to start arriving soon……  You deserve it!

5 thoughts on “Saturday

  • Good WOD today. I do not want to see another deck of cards for awhile. I am starting to get into the swing of things a little more. Good week!

  • Only a place like Crossfit would include a comment about a deck of cards and a workout, together………….Come see what all the fuss is about in Northern KY…………….it’s CrossfitNKY!!!

  • i think 52 puke up is a great name for it! that’s what i felt like doing after it was over, anyway!

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