Saturday FREE Workout!! – 9:00 a.m. or 10:00 a.m.! That’s right – two classes this Saturday! It’s a great chance to get your burpees and HSPU’s done and swap paleo recipes and ideas!

Bring a friend or family member to share the “fun”

5 thoughts on “Saturday

  • Today was my first Saturday. WOW! I got my butt kicked. Lol! I wanted to leave a reply because everyone today was AMAZING! You all are so encouraging and non judgemental I absolutely love coming and I know my friend Cristina feels the same way! One girl (maybe Nikki, I’m bad with names, sorry) even finished and came back and helped me finish to give me strength. Without you ALL I probably wouldn’t have finished. THANK YOU! You guys rock and are some bad a$$ peeps!

  • I’m going to try and come in on Sunday, but probably lifting or something like that not 5 mile running with kike crazy person.

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