True story:

One of our members tells her friend to come to Crossfit with her.  The friend says “I don’t know, it looks too hard, I don’t think I can do it”

Not only does our member tell her friend that it’s “not too hard, crossfit is scaleable for everyone” but she also tells her “you should come, it’s a great workout AND IT’S LIKE A FAMILY THERE!”

We’re glad you feel that way at UF- that’s what we want!  We have no mirrors, we don’t care what you look like (before or after the wod).  If you are the first or last one done- you’ll hardly realize it because others are supporting you the entire time.  Whether you lift 20 pounds or 80 pounds, giving 100 percent is what matters and that’s what Crossfitters do- give our all to fitness–

Thank you Northern KY Crossfitters-