4 thoughts on “Rest day

  • Just wanted to share that my winter uniform pants are fitting much more comfortably than when I wore them last! Thanks CFNKY and Coach Lucas.

  • Made up the Filthy Fifty today. I was able to join Stacy and Dean today, a couple of crossfitters I don’t see too much of.

    Traci and I pushed each other from station to station….23:27 when I started my DU’s and this is how they went…..jump, jump, Elephant jump…jump, jump, Elephant jump………. for a time of 29:55

  • I made up Tuesday’s pull up and handstand extravaganza today. Did blue band for pull ups and knees on the box for for push ups for the first half, but switched to toes on the box for the last half. 12:05 I think.

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