Clean Pull 3-3-3

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 One legged squats, alternating
15 Pull-ups

Post your choice of girls and rounds completed to comments.

11 thoughts on “Monday

  • Went with Cindy on this one. Why ? Because one legged squats are stupid.
    (and by stupid I mean I can’t do them.)

    15 rounds
    I’ve done better.

    Want to know how to have a crappy 15 round performance? Go on vacation for a week. Do nothing that resembles real physical activity for that week. Have a bag or two of frosted donut gems. Chase gems with a pot of coffee. Stay up late every night. **cough**alcohol**cough**. Repeat. PREST-O CHANGE-O! There you have the makings of what promises to be a punch in the gut come Monday morning wod time. 🙂

  • I pick Cindy because the only thing that one legged squats are good for is a laugh….Only because I can not do them.

    This Cindy was much different than my last attempt in December

    Real push-ups!!!
    purple band pull-ups

    14 rounds + 4pullups

    Good job today everybody

  • “Cindy”
    15 rounds + pullups + push ups and 3 squats

    Ready for nice weather again!
    Wendy – sorry to hear about your grandmother, you and your family will be in my prayers.

  • Im posting because I’m so bored at work, there is no one left to Facebook stalk, and this was the last website I chose to look at before I get to leave in 52 minutes…..

    chose Cindy because– really??? one legged squats–Carl couldn’t do them and I didn’t see Lucas’s attempt, so you know I couldn’t.

    17 rounds

    no band!

  • “Cindy”
    17 rounds + pullups
    No band for pullups and regular push ups!!!

    Way to go Emily and Randy for doing “Mary”

    Thanks Kike for wrapping my hands tonight!

  • Looks like everyone is happy with their own performance tonight- many of us had “cindy” make-overs with vast improvements.

    We all choose our challenge and I did the opposite of Lola………real pullups and knee pushups- 16 rounds plus pull ups.

    Enjoy the new lockers-use them, that’s what we got them for!

  • I decided to take a stab at Mary. I did the one legged squats but had to hold onto a bar – I am guessing that is not the proper way to do them 🙂

    8 rounds even.

    Good Job Wendy and Karin on the no-band pull-ups! they looked great!

  • I chose mary… definitely got my butt kicked. 8 rounds, plus HSPU and 8 squats. had to prop my foot up on a box! plus my hands both ripped open around round 7 so I made a switch to pushups instead of pullups. Ouch!

    Great job on this wod everyone!

  • Cindy

    10 rounds with the purple band. The push-ups killed my time.

    I think I need to ditch the band next time.

    Sorry about your Grandmother Wendy.

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