Congratulations MarCus on the completion of your Level 1 Cert



Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95/65 Pound Thruster

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15 thoughts on “Monday

  • Bravo Marcus! Jeff com to the 6:30 class. I want to push you to the limit tonight. Pr time for you. You too Doug and john.

  • Soooo sorry to the Saturday crew…when I saw this WOD I knew there were going to be some unhappy legs. For the record Lucas didn’t know we did thrusters on Sat.

  • Oh Fran, 5:49. Next time Shooting for under 5min. Double C is shooting for under 5min and Karin under 5min as well. Holding you guys to it 😀

  • Tommy, I wish I would have seen your message. I think I need a pull up clinic. I don’t know where they have gone. Oh well, 6:08. I’m sure Doug will be around 5. You should be around 2:40.

  • Lol! Oops. Thought that was a text to my cousin. Jeff we will nail down those pull ups in the near future. Nice job at at 6:08. John, doug, wife, zach, mark and everyone else at the 6:30 slot was looking Sharp. I improved my pr to 2:23. My goal for the year was sub 2:30. So this feels good.

  • Sean Karin Cory and Sharon, great job today! Sean, I don’t know about sub 5, but definitely sub 6. Pretty happy, this was a new PR for me at 6:38.

  • This was my first Fran… I must say I will never watch the Nanny with out getting an arm cramp! 4:38 I think…. Pullups with a blue band…. gotta get better but appreciated the tips from Tommy! \m/ \m/

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