12 thoughts on “Monday

  • Well it was nice to get back into the gym today. Didn’t PR but I’ll take the 105 OHS. Took my time on the WOD but did it prescribed…10:17.

  • Could only get parallel with120# & Lucas said it doesn’t count so, I’ll take 115# as my official weight, which is my old max.

    8:14 on the WOD rxd. Great working out at 2 with the girls 🙂

    Welcome back Stacey!!

  • Welcome back Stacy, we’ve missed you!

    I’m not sure if I PR’d at 115# or 120#, but either way it’s a PR!

    7:57ish on the wod with purple band pull-ups.

  • Welcome back Stacy!! We missed ya. 165# on the OHS. 6:20 something I think on the mini wod. Great job by Doud on the mini wod, just over 5 minutes. Sam made the 195# OHS look easy.

  • PR’d on the overhead squat at 255. Mini wod 2:48. John, chrissy,wife, zach, Kim I love being at the gym with you all.

  • Tommy, i don’t think I finished blinking before you were done. Great job6:30!
    Managed a PR tonight at 100.

  • Aw thanks Tommy!! We love working out with you too champ!! Made it to my old PR of 120. Time on the mini WOD was 9:15 using a purple band on the pullups. I need to let that crutch go!!

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