8 thoughts on “Monday

  • Had to scale down the thruster weight after rnd 1 but made it through the double unders…slowly. 19:04 (?)

  • 14:13 for this one. I think the last round took me 4 minutes. 🙂 Thanks Armando for getting in my ear. Jill did well and Maddie was rockin’ the double unders. Making it look easy.

  • Omg! I hurt after this one. I got 16:something began @55 dropped to 45 end or second round.
    Sam got 18:55 with 75. Oh my.

  • 13:5? and pleased with my DUs, but not shocked that I felt whipped otherwise. The heavier rope really helped me with my form (still stinks). Did a couple of unbroken rounds with just the calf hop (not the normal jump and bend knees).

  • Kim gave me some tips for the du’s and it worked beautifully. I was blasting through them unbroken. I managed 9:04. Bravo to zach and john, you too crissy! That a way to hang in there until the end.

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