9 thoughts on “Monday

  • 14:something. First round got 13 DUs in a row!!! After that. . . .oh brother! Great job to everyone in the 5a.m. class

  • Modified was the word for this one. 13 something with 85 on the jerks, push-ups quickly degrading over the rounds, and double unders on only one round. Good hard workout to start the week.

  • 5 rounds for time of:
    15 Push Jerks 65#
    15 Hand Release Push Ups
    15 Double Unders
    12:06 Rx I don’t think I could have done another push up.

  • Bravo to the 2:00 class! Very strong performance! Nice to workout in a different time slot, seen some new faces

  • 13 minutes and some change. Rumor has it that Doug, Brett and I did 6 rounds by mistake. I liked this one. My shoulders were fried when this one was over.

  • Love this one like a at kid loves cake! And when I mean “fat kid” I mean me and when I say “cake” I mean cake. Finished this puppy in 9:16!

  • I got this one in 16+ minutes. Lifting weight gets me everytime, but it was a great workout and it felt good when I finished! Very sore today. 🙂

  • Okay so me and my fiancée were newbies Monday. Both off the workout schedule for a WHILE. did a warmup and both finished a ‘Mini-round’ with Lucas. I was 10 something and sam was 9 something. But our out of shape butts totally finished what we set out to do. Omg kicked our butts! We are on the books for Wednesday to begin the 3 a week routine. EXCITED and IN lactic acid pain. But so ready for more.

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