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  • Happy Birthday Megan!

    Back Squat – 355# (PR since starting CF)
    Shoulder Press – 185# (PR)
    Deadlift – 425# (PR)
    CF Total – 965# (PR)

  • Happy Birthday Megan!

    Back Squat – 165# (PR!!!)
    Thanks to Toni and Jill for pulling me through this!

  • Loved this, and I got to work with Lindsay, which was so fun!
    Squat: 185 pr
    Press: 75 pr, i think?
    Deadlift: 250 pr
    Total: 510
    Great job all! Tons of hard work and heavy things today!

  • Good Start today! Mark, thanks for the spot, sorry about the scare at the end.

    Day 1 – Back Squat 305# (PR)

    Looking forward to the next 2 lifts!

  • Back squat 275# PR
    Press 125# – not good
    Dead lift 365#
    CF Total 765#
    Need to work on the form. I think coach Lucas was about to pass out watching me dead lift. It wasn’t pretty.

  • Wow, everyone is getting so strong!! I love Crossfit Total, sorry to be missing it! My new PRs are bottle feeding: 20-30mins, burping: 10 mins, holding and rocking: 15 mins, back to bed: 1 hour later on a good night 🙂

    Loving our son endlessly:) But chomping at the bit to get back to kicking my butt at CFNKY.

  • Here’s what i got so far:

    SP: 185 PR from 155 at start of this thing!
    DL: 365 PR I think i could have gone heavier but i’ll take it being 6 months from herniated disc!
    BS: ???? not sure i want to do this one to be honest. i’ve never back squated without having to go thru traction some time later. May try it tomorrow.

  • BS: 255 PR
    SP: 145 PR
    DL: 315 PR

    CFT: 715 PR

    Went in the morning and my energy level was a little low, but I will take it.

  • BS – 225
    SP – 115
    DL – 325

    CFT – 665

    Tied or set PR on all. May have been better if I wasn’t lifting heavy at 5 am.

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