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  • Ok so what did everyone finish the Warrior Dash in? I was pretty happy just to get thru it but i did finish 36:57 on Sunday….

  • Sounds like a great time at the Warrior Dash!

    Went light on the DL, just trying to maintain some strength

    Mini Wod
    3 Rounds
    30 squats
    20 KB swings
    10 Pullups
    Don’t know my time, had to take many breathing breaks.

    Great job 9am’ers!!

  • Warrior Dash 36:07.

    Deadlifts x 3
    125-135-145-165-175 and one at 185

    My Mini Wod was no good. I’m not even going to say what my time was. hah.

  • Good times with some regionals practice….bench press 100×3, a jog around the KY-18 block with Jeff,
    21-15-9 casual 185#DL and 26inch box jumps, and finished it off with a Quad rubdown from our man Andy!

  • Deadlifts x 3 with Chrissy
    165/175/185/195/205 (that last one was ugly, but I’ll take it)
    Thanks, Maddie for recording 🙂

    Mini-wod felt horrible on the pull-ups. I feel like I’ve regressed. Going to have to get these hands healed and then practice, practice, practice! Not sure what my time was.

  • I feel you, Toni. It seems like the pull ups keep getting worse and the ripping keeps getting easier! I ripped AGAIN today after doing only 15.

  • Practiced some of the regional movements. Chest to bar pull ups and some OHS. Ran a mile with Wendy and then finished it off with a great massage from Andy w/Peak Performance. The hammy feels much better!

  • 365×3 and 405×1, I’m still not very confident with my form for heavy weight DLs

    5:27 on the mini-WOD

  • Awesome time working with Toni!!
    Deadlifts x3
    Mini WOD was great! Have no idea what my time was.

  • Deadlifts x 3
    135-155-180 (Lucas then says that it looks too easy) 225-275-300(x2)

    New PR by 80 lbs.

    Mini-wod was 9:17…..room for improvement there.

  • Did in my home Garage cause I had school tonight and couldn’t make the morning class.

    DL x 3


    Mini WOD – Modified with 35# KB and push ups instead of pull ups


  • DL are way not my friend still… 115, 125, 135, 145, 150, 155 x 2. Nice job Jill, way to keep pushing through these!
    No idea what my time was on the mini wod. Nice work 6:30!

  • Warrior Dash 41:25 I think.

    Worked with Mark on the deadlifts! 365 X 3, Failed on 405. Like Mark, left without hurting myself, so still a good day!

    7:04 on the mini-wod

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